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No somos todos
Que verano...
Buen día mis queridos lectores. Se que los he abandonado y tambien a mis proyectos. Desde mi último post, ha pasado mucho tiempo, todo porque se me ocurrió meter 5 materias en un periodo de 3 meses, lo cual casi me vuelve loco pero gracias al Tocallo sobrevivimos a tan horrible escenario y ahora somos flamantes estudiantes de Ing en Software de 6° cuatrimestre(de 12), para fin de año deberemos ser de 8° debido a que 7° esta empezado al igual que 6°. En fin, he estado pensando en los proyectos y poco a poco los iré avanzando, actualmente llevo materias relacionadas a ellos y pues mejorará la forma de manejarlos. Tambien he terminado un curso de Python 2, muy interesante el curso ya que ahora manejo mejor este lenguaje. Creo Python será el lenguaje oficial que maneje en este blog ya que es muy maleable, simple y tiene una comunidad muy grande trabajando en este lenguaje, he encontrado librerias para juegos(pygame), para manejar el puerto serial (pyserial), para matematicas... (more)

whinny yinnie
sob sob sob
i have about 30 hours of work due in 8 hours time or less. i have so much to cover and so little time. and all i can think of is how uncomfortable my back, stomach, neck, shoulders and hands are and how am i going to face 100+ friends and family back home in 3 day's time and pretend im very good and healthy and happy. i am indeed very far from that. i hardly went out and have a good time this year, i have not played badminton my favourite sport at all, i have not swam, i have not danced. i have not seen my friends since that wedding last sunday, i have not spoken to people, i barely got any exercise. i ate without feeling and consideration. i hate my bloating stomach and sluggish body. my big tummy came back. how am i going to wear a pretty dress. how am i able to smile how am i able to hold myself through the weekend without breaking down or telling anyone the true storey? that i have been holding out for so long for something that will never work... that i have been waiting for... (more)

The Quest for the New Home
At first I was really nervous about the idea of moving out from a house and finding an rv or motor home to stay in while we look for property and finish school. I was to the point of having anxiety attacks mainly because we have had many roommates before that have screwed us which messed up our rental history. Plus the fact that most rentals wouldn't accept a renter who has 3 Siberian huskies, 2 cats, 2 turtles, and fish. I really prayed about it, and was thinking back to when my husband and I were homeless living in our car in San Diego, Ca. Granted, it was during the summer, but still. It was pretty scary at first, and we got our fair share of parking tickets, but after getting used to it, we were pretty comfortable. We did end up renting a room from co-workers but those were horrible experiences, we should have stayed homeless. I thought back to those times in the car and I smiled, a lot. This is what started to bring back the hope that things would be okay. So I started... (more)

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Plastic mold design issues to be considered
Plastic mould, plastic processing industry and plastic molding machine supporting, giving plastic products in order to complete configuration and the exact size of the tool. Because many plastic varieties and processing methods, structural plastic moulding machine and plastic products and Traditional and Simplified different, so the type and structure of the plastic mould is varied. Plastic mould is a tool for the production of plastic products which parts parts by several groups, this combination successful mold cavity. When injection moulding, the injection moulding machine mold clamping, the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity, and cooled in the cavity shape, and then the upper and lower split mold through the top of the article from the mold will leave the top of the mold cavity, the mold is closed again and finally for the next injection, the whole cycle of the injection molding process is carried out. Precision plastic mold design needs to consider the following... (more)

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